What Our Volunteers Say

We're sure that you'll find volunteering with Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity a rewarding and inspiring experience. Here are just a few of our volunteers sharing their reasons for getting involved:

Lucy and Jethro, Fundraising Volunteers
"When the worst thing imaginable happens, Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity is there for you and there is nothing more important than that.

It was only once our nephew Flynn passed away that we really appreciated the work that the hospital had done for us as a family, and we resolved to try and help in some way.  

We will always make time to ensure that we can help out. We love the hospital, the staff and are eternally grateful to them for making our family's life easier in our darkest hours."

Lisa, Welcome Guide and Play Maker
"I really enjoy both roles as I get to interact with lots of different groups of people. I get a lot out of volunteering at the children’s hospital and making a regular weekly commitment does make a difference. I would really encourage others to get involved."

Anne, Collection Can Volunteer
“I’ve been a Collection Can Co-ordinator for four years now. It’s been the ideal way for me to contribute to a charity I really care about. I choose my own hours and fit them around seeing my grandchildren.
It always amazes me how much is raised from such a small gesture – the pennies really do add up!”

Jonathan, Volunteer Driver
"I support the Donor Milk Bank by travelling all over Scotland delivering milk to the country's tiniest and sickest premature babies. 

Since I started volunteering in July 2016 I have visited most of the 14 neonatal units across Scotland as far north as Aberdeen and Inverness, all the way to Dumfries and Galloway in the south. 

When I walk through the neonatal units, hear the babies and see the thank you letters, it reminds me why I got involved.”

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