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Chairman's Report 2017/18

It is with great pleasure that I present my Chairman’s Report for 2017/18. This past year has been an incredibly successful year for Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, and I am delighted that we have been able to support even more babies, children and young people from throughout Scotland and beyond who are affected by ill health, and who require treatment and care at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow and its associated facilities.

I am pleased to report that our income for 2017/18 was £4.6m which is a remarkable achievement, and a notable increase on the previous year, despite the ongoing economic, social and political challenges that all third sector organisations continue to face. This level of income would not be possible were it not for the unwavering support of our incredible donors, fundraisers and volunteers alike.

Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity as partner charity to the Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow has now contributed over £30m in charitable expenditure to the hospital and its related community services, since our inception in 2001, and our ongoing contribution to paediatric medicine is something that we are immensely proud of. The Charity continues to retain its position at the heart of the hospital and is firmly aligned to the overarching priorities and objectives of the Women & Children’s Directorate of NHSGGC.

In addition to our ongoing commitment to support enhanced medical equipment, paediatric research and training and the overall hospital environment, the Charity has also been asked to provide significant levels of funding towards the establishment, development and continuation of many worthwhile and highly valued services and programmes onsite at the Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow. These include our annual support of play, events, volunteering, bereavement and financial inclusion services. Each service provides a lifeline to many families and communities, during some of the hardest and darkest days of their lives.

Our greatest achievement in 2017/18 has undoubtedly been the success of our Schiehallion Appeal. In June 2017 we set out to try and raise £500,000 to support the development and expansion of the Schiehallion Clinical Trials Centre in Glasgow. Funds raised will support the provision of early phase clinical trials here in Scotland for babies, children and young people affected by cancer or blood disorders. The Scottish people took the families of the Schiehallion Ward (Ward 2a / 2b) to their hearts, and with the support of our national media partner - the Daily Record – and the support and loyalty of our existing and new donor base, we have almost raised double what we initially set out to achieve. The Charity felt very privileged to work alongside the staff and families of the Schiehallion Ward and the impact and weight of this funding, will be felt for years to come.

This year, the Charity embarks on a new and very ambitious three year organisational strategy, which signifies the next step in our development. As a fundraising organisation with a vision to provide world class medical equipment and research, innovative play programmes and enhanced family resources, we have to continue to move forth and grow the capabilities and responsibilities of the Charity in order to realise our full potential. Whilst our work within the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow has been extensive, and patients from throughout Scotland benefit, their local hospitals and community clinics are often the place that they will receive primary care interventions. With this in mind, the Charity will look to expand its reach, and help to support maternity, neonatal and paediatric sites throughout the West of Scotland.

We look forward to the coming years with great optimism and excitement. We will strive to work in partnership with all health boards across the West of Scotland and try to ensure that Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity plays a pivotal role at the forefront of paediatric medicine across all platforms, in Scotland and beyond.

I would like to offer my eternal thanks to all who contributed in so many ways to the success of last year. To our Board of Directors; to the staff of Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity; to our loyal volunteers; to our supporters who once again have shown an unwavering level of care and compassion for the babies, children and young people who are affected by ill health throughout Scotland and beyond.

Thank you
Professor Peter Watson, Chairman

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