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Support Our Donor Milk Bank

Help us deliver donor milk to Scotland's most vulnerable premature babies


We need your help to deliver safe, screened donor milk to premature babies across the country who so desperately need it.

Nearly 4,000 babies are born premature in Scotland every year.

For babies who are born early, their organs and immune systems have had less time to mature, making them at greater risk of infection which can be fatal in their critical early days.

When a mother’s own breast milk is unavailable, donor milk is the next best option - particularly for a baby that is premature.

"I've got to be grateful for all the volunteer drivers and the mothers who donate their milk, because without that Roxy wouldn't be able to feed. It has really been a blessing to have that for her."


We are proud to have our own charity Volunteer Drivers who travel all over Scotland collecting and delivering milk anywhere from the Borders to the Highlands, to those tiny babies who need our help most. 

With your support, we can ensure that Scotland's only Donor Milk Bank service is equipped with the resources and volunteer support it requires, to provide this life-nurturing resource to seriously ill babies in neonatal units across the country.

Donate today, and help us care for Scotland's tiniest and most vulnerable premature babies. Thank you.

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