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John Paul's Story

John Paul was born with chronic kidney failure and at four years old received the precious gift of a kidney from his dad, Frank. Then at just six years old, his mum Maryanne very sadly passed away.

"Despite all of this he's a very positive wee boy. Most people would have crumbled, but he's so resilient."

For the first four years of his life, the Renal Team tried to treat John Paul’s kidneys with medication.

For 18 months, his life was almost literally put on hold while he received dialysis which is a very harsh treatment. He missed out on so many key life moments during that time.

He couldn’t stay overnight with his grandparents, or do any of the things that a normal four year-old should be able to do.

From the day he was born I asked if I could give John Paul one of my own kidneys. There was no guarantee that the transplant would work, and always the chance that his body might reject my kidney. It was a worrying time, but there was never any doubt that we would give it a try.

The transplant didn't just change his life; John Paul's transplant gave him a life.
Frank, John Paul's Dad

Kidney failure is so cruel though, because even after a transplant, you still have the disease. John Paul’s life is still ruled by medication, hospital visits and health worries.  

Last December he was admitted to intensive care, where he was placed in an induced coma. He fought through, but spent the first three months of this year in hospital, during which time he had to learn to eat, walk and talk again.

I can’t explain just how close we are to our ward family and the Renal Team. 

When I needed them, they were there. They reached out and helped me during a very difficult time.

John Paul and Frank have seen first-hand the difference your support makes to families like them in the hospital.

You hear people say 'every penny counts' - we've spent so long in hospital, that I can assure you it really does. 

We may live with kidney failure, but for us, failure is not an option. Thank you for your generous support.

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SW GCHC Renal Campaign 09 10 18 11

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