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Preemie Baby Eviee

10 October 2023 eviee cropped

Wee Eviee was born too early, and spent the first 87 days of her life in the Princess Royal Maternity (PRM) Neonatal Unit. Hear from her Mum, Katy, about how your donations helped them through this difficult time. 

Eviee's Journey

Our Eviee was born prematurely at 28+4, weighing just 2lb 8oz.

The minute Eviee was born, she was whisked off to the NICU and put onto a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure).

For the first few weeks of her life, Eviee's oxygen requirement continued to increase, and we were told she was developing chronic lung disease.

eviee nicu 2When she showed signs of a distended tummy, her consultant started her on antibiotics right away.

She went from being nill by mouth, to HDU (High Dependency Unit) baby, back to being an intensive care baby.

"We were terrified and spent the night in the hospital with her, just in case."

katy, eviee's mum

eviee preemieThe next morning, she was like a completely different baby and her tummy was lovely and soft. She stayed like this for a week, before her tummy distended again.

Poor Eviee had been bringing up bowel, and an overnight X-ray confirmed she would need a blood transfusion.

"For a while, Eviee was the sickest baby on the whole unit."

katy, eviee's mum

Eventually, Eviee's condition stabilised and our girl offically came off of her CPAP machine and on to high flow vapotherm.

She went into clothes and graduated from the ICU to HDU just a few days later.

eviee nicu grad 2We spent the next month establishing feeds and waiting for Eviee to grow.

Eventually, Eviee was discharged on the 12th of April, 6 days after her due date on a little 1% oxygen and with a chronic lung disease diagnosis.

She was on home oxygen for just under 3 weeks before she passed her sleep study.

Eviee is now 8 1/2 months old -  5 1/2 months corrected - and absolutely crazy!

eviee now

"Eviee has come on leaps and bounds since her discharge from the PRM and she is the happiest, smiliest baby ever!"

katy, eviee's mum

Your Support

Whilst we were inpatients, we were given the amazing opportunity to receive Eviee’s footprints at 35 days old through Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity's Little Inky Feet Project.

"I often find myself looking at her footprints and remembering just how far she has come."

katy, eviee's mum

Eviee little inky feet 1We were also blessed with vCreate during Eviee’s NICU stay and I don’t know what we would’ve done without it.

To give families some reassurance around their little one's Intensive Care admission when they can't be there in person, we provide the video-messaging service 'vCreate' to the neonatal units at the Royal Hospital for Children, the Princess Royal Maternity and Royal Alexandra Hospitals.

eviee vcreate 1Giving Back

Eviee has come a very long way from being the sickest baby on the unit, to our big 13lb girl!

I was determined to raise whatever I could for Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity, as a thank you for all of the amazing care we all received during Eviee’s NICU stay. 

In August, Katy held a birthday fundraiser for us on Facebook and raised £182.50 to help support other tiny babies like Eviee.