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Frances and the Family Support Team

After working for nearly 20 years in the Family Support and Information Team at the hospital, Frances McGuinness retired in the summer of 2019. Frances dedicated her life to supporting families during their most difficult days - your donations can help to continue her important work.

“As Family Support Worker, it was my job to be there for parents and carers when they needed someone while their child was in hospital. There were a lot of happy times, a lot of sad times, and some awful times. Sometimes I wonder how we all got through it. But we got through it by supporting each other.

Ask yourself how you would feel if you suddenly found yourself in hospital with a seriously ill child? A long term hospital stay is one of the hardest things anyone will ever have to do. It’s not easy at all.

Every day I met families in the hospital, either on the wards or in the Family Support and Information Centre. I would listen to their problems, worries and fears, and try to lift some of the weight from their shoulders. I laughed with people, and cried with them too. Sometimes we were crying and laughing at the same time.

People can look at things differently when they’ve had the chance to have a wee chat. It can be a lifeline. Thanks to funding from Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity, we can have those wee chats in a very relaxing and welcoming area, which really helps to give people breathing space.

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You can help to provide a lifeline for parents and carers in hospital.

Your gift can help parents and carers access the support they need during their most difficult days.

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Many of us are fortunate enough to have people in our lives that we can talk to, but even for those with strong family networks of their own, the pressure can be unbearable. It’s awfully sad to see the strain that can be put on relationships when a wee one is in hospital.

As much as the medical care in the hospital is brilliant, it’s the emotional impact that is usually the hardest thing to deal with.

Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity funds so many vital services that have helped so many families - the Bereavement Service, Financial Support Services and Emergency Fund have been a lifeline at times for parents.

If we didn’t have the support of Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity it would make things a lot harder for parents and carers. What you have to remember is that some people have absolutely nobody. Everyone says “oh you must have someone”, but no, they don’t – there are people who have nothing, and nobody who can help. But together we can make sure that at the hospital, someone is always there for them.
Frances McGuinness

We get the best out of this job really. Every day I looked forward to meeting with families and listening to how their day was going. It could be bad or sad, but we could also find time to see the brighter side of things, believe it or not. Everyone needs time to take a break from their worries and fears.

As sad as I feel about leaving, your donations can help us grow this service and keep making it better, so that we can always be there for these families. I’m proud to have helped so many families, and privileged that parents I spoke to 15 years ago still keep in touch.

It’s a great reassurance to me to know that thanks to people like you, the families who pass through the doors of the hospital tomorrow and in the months ahead will have someone to support them.

Thank you,

Frances x

What £5 a month can do…


Your donation can help to continue Frances' priceless work.

Every year, thousands of parents rely on the Family Support and Information Team. Thank you for supporting this vital service.

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