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Precious Moments in PICU

We are proud to have supported a transformation in the Intensive Care Unit by funding the pioneering MoVE project – the first of its kind in a children’s hospital in the UK.

The way children recover in Intensive Care has been transformed, thanks to special equipment funded by Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity.

MoVE stands for ‘Move on Ventilation Early’, and helps children to recover more quickly by getting them moving as soon as possible following their admission.


"It’s lovely to walk around the unit now and see things that you just wouldn’t have seen a year ago. You see little ones up for cuddles, sitting up in chairs or being taken for a walk, instead of spending the whole day confined to their beds."

Jenna Hills, Physiotherapy Team

We are proud to have supported the MoVE project from its inception thanks to the Devenny Family Fund, and have funded special equipment that helps children take part in physical activity, even if they cannot leave their beds.

The activity is not strenuous, and can be as simple as sitting up for a cuddle, or being taken for a short walk away from the ward.

Thomas - PICU 2

The MoVE project has changed our days with Josh. It's made the impossible possible. We didn't think we could even move him in PICU, let alone play on the mat.
Claire, parent