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Bringing Families Closer Together

Our vCreate video service means families can still feel close to their children, even when they're miles apart. 

Our Neonatal and Intensive Care Units treat some of the most vulnerable children from across the country.

Often children will spend many weeks and months in these units, making it very challenging for parents and carers to constantly be by their side while trying to juggle family life. 

Andikan & Mum

Thanks to the very generous sponsorship from one of our fundholders - Treasured MemoRorys - we have been able to fund a secure video messaging service which allows healthcare professionals to send video updates to families.

This special service means that families can stay connected and kept up to date with their child's progress when they can't be by their side.

"vCreate has been a life-line for so many families on the ward. I couldn’t be with Ellis all the time over Christmas and this really got me down but staff on the ward shared precious moments with us, which meant we felt fully involved.”

Alexis, mum of patient in PICU

Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity has funded the first use of this service in Neonatal and Paediatric Intensive Care Units in the UK at Glasgow’s Royal Hospital for Children, and has also funded its introduction in the Maternity Units at the Princess Royal and Royal Alexandra Hospital.