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Ali and Murdo's Big Walk

31 March 2023 Murdo and ali walk 2

After 2-year-old Murdo underwent surgery at Glasgow Children's Hospital, his family wanted to fundraise to give back to the hospital that helped him. Dad Donald tells their story:

Murdo's Hospital Journey

'In Summer 2021, when Murdo was only 5-months-old, his mum Maria took him to Glasgow Children's Hospital with jaundice.'

'This was swiftly resolved at the time, but whilst there, a doctor observed that Murdo's head may have been growing oddly and referred us to the craniofacial team.'

'In Spring 2022 we had our first meeting with the team of specialists.'

'It was determined that Murdo had metopic craniosynostosis and an operation was strongly advisable, ideally when Murdo was between 14 - 18 months of age.'

'We decided on the spot that we would proceed with this and Murdo's surgery eventually took place on 27 October 2022.'

Murdo mum'To our eternal relief, the 9-hour operation went to plan and Murdo has recovered superbly!'

'Everyone associated with his treatment was wonderful and we were astonished by our boy's strength and positivity in hospital. He even made friends in the ward.'

Murdo's dad, donald

'The charity was also brilliant at organising entertainment for the children whilst they're in hospital.'

'At Halloween, Murdo enjoyed a reading of Julia Donaldson's Room on the Broom from professional storytellers, followed by an interactive session in the MediCinema with charity volunteers.'

rhc halloween'He also loved visiting the Play Room, as did his big brother when visiting, as it helped break up long days in hospital.'

murdo's dad, donald

Murdo teletubbiesMurdo and Ali's Big Walk

'Murdo had to have his operation before the age of two, while the bones in his head were still malleable.'

'Because of this, Murdo's second birthday took on special significance for Maria and I, and we wanted to do something special to mark the occasion.'

'That was when Maria had the idea of a sponsored walk for Ali and Murdo.'

'A few weeks before his second birthday, Murdo and his big brother Ali walked over five miles from Dumbarton to Balloch.'

Ali and Murdo walk 1'It was a brilliant day out and the boys managed to raise an incredible £2,210 for the charity - over ten times their initial £200 target!'

'It's very important for us to raise funds for the children's hospital - specifically the craniofacial team - because to our mind it's the best way to show our unending gratitude to the people who have helped our boy.'

'Our family will be forever grateful for the expert help and compassion afforded to Murdo. Without this operation, our son's life would be very different.'

murdo's dad, donald

'Simply put, the service afforded to our family by the NHS is indispensable. Raising funds is our small way of ensuring other families receive the excellent care we have experienced.'

Murdo and dad

'In sharing our story, we also want other parents to know about Murdo's unusual condition.'

'If anyone has the slightest doubt about the shape of their baby's head, please get in touch today with the specialist team at Glasgow Children's Hospital!'

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