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Recycle for Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity

30 June 2021 RECYCLE WITH US

Recycle unwanted items and raise funds for Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity at the same time!

If you're decluttering your home, school or workplace, then check out all the items you can recycle with us to fundraise. Simply gather what you don't need and we take care of everything else to transform your clutter into vital funds!


We recycle all types of stamps - British or overseas, old and used, or new. If you have a handful of stamps at home that you would like to recycle, we can send you out a freepost envelope to get them to the recycling point. Or if you, your place of work or school have a lot to recycle, we can send you out a stamp recycling box - simply add to it as needed, and when it is full, we can arrange a collection from you. 

Foreign Coins 

Everyone has the little box filled with coins you’ve brought back from your holidays, that sits there for years on end. Now is your chance to make use of them! No matter how much you have, we can send you out one of our freepost collection envelopes and you can start supporting the charity with your foreign coins today. 


Don’t let your unwanted clothes go to waste, recycle them with us instead. Recycling clothes is easy - simply get in touch with and we can let you know where your nearest textile recycling bin is. We have them dotted all around so one is never too far away. We don’t just take clothes, recycle your unwanted paired shoes, handbags and belts too! 

If your school or work would like to support us through textile recycling, we can supply an outdoor or indoor textile recycling box. This is a really simple way to fundraise, and once your box is full we can arrange an uplift so that you can fill your box again! 

Ink Cartridges 

Every year millions of ink cartridges are thrown out, but did you know that you can recycle them with us to help us raise funds? If your school or workplace use a lot of ink cartridges, then why not consider using one of our recycling boxes to start raising money? We can supply you with a recycling box, and once it is full we will arrange a collection and supply a new box to start all over again!

Mobile Phones 

Did you know that we can recycle your old and unwanted mobile phones? Just pop into our office with your old hanset or send them via post and we can do the rest!

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