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It's Play In Hospital Week!

11 October 2019 Tierney

It's Play In Hospital Week! 😁💜

Play is a powerful part of a child's recovery and an important part of our work to create positive hospital experiences for young patients.

We are proud to fund an extensive Hospital Play Programme to make sure that every day in hospital, babies, children and young people have the chance to laugh, play and make special memories with the help of our incredible play team and volunteers.

We met up with Tierney's family during his visit with Play Assistant Jackie - his family told us: "Tierney really enjoys the time he gets to play with Jackie on the ward; it’s great for his development.”

“Playing for Tierney is just as good as his medication. At his age he doesn’t understand his treatment but he certainly does love to play - its lovely to see him laugh and enjoy himself.”

jackie - play assistant, royal hospital for children

Each year, we must raise over £800,000 to fund our programme of play and events. Together with your help, we can be there for every child in hospital in the west of Scotland. If you can, please show your support by donating, fundraising or volunteering. Thank you.