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Our Teddy Hospital

Our Teddy Hospital gives children the opportunity to learn about upcoming treatments in a non-clinical environment.

Through structured play with our Play Specialists, children become more familiar with their condition by examining and treating their teddies using real and toy medical equipment -  from medicines and cannulas, to bandages and nasogastric tubes.

teddy hospital

“Visiting the Teddy Hospital has been a wonderful experience. Holly was totally engaged. I could see she was taking all the information in. Seeing the IV cannula being demonstrated on the teddy prepared Holly immensely”. 

By giving children the chance to learn and explore through play, our Teddy Hospital helps to reduce anxiety and worry surrounding hospital visits.

Children are then better prepared for and feel involved in their own care, helping them to have a more positive hospital experience.

teddy hospital

We are counting on your support to continue running this service for our young patients to ensure they have an extra special hospital experience.