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Making MRI Scans Less Scary

Thanks to the generosity of HSBC Hamilton, young patients are now better prepared for MRI scans - helping to ease any worries around the procedure.

For many children, going for an MRI scan can be a very frightening experience with large, noisy machinery in an unfamiliar environment.

Due to anxieties about the procedure, many children have to be put under general anaesthetic meaning even more time in hospital for patients and their families.

Kitten Scanner “When we first attended the hospital Amelie was petrified of the scanner. This meant most of her scans were being carried out under general anaesthetic, resulting in a stressful time for everyone."

We have been able to enhance the Imaging Preparation Suite at the children's hospital to help young patients learn about their upcoming MRI scans.

Our miniature MRI scanner - known as the Kitten Scanner - uses a series of animal toys to show children how everything works, aiming to reduce fear, stress and anxiety associated with the procedure.

Children can hear the sounds of the machine and look at the animal’s scans to learn exactly what to expect when they go for their own scan.

There is an obvious benefit to getting kids to a stage when a general anaesthetic is not required, and I’m sure the Kitten Scanner will be very much appreciated by everyone who uses it.
Walter, parent