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Fraser Gears Up For Virtual Kiltwalk

4 September 2020 Fraser Kiltwalk Wee Scottish Livers

Fraser has been a patient at the children's hospital since birth and now he's giving back to the teams who care for him by taking part in the Virtual Kiltwalk!

Fraser was diagnosed with biliary atresia at 8 weeks old - a liver condition in children in which the bile ducts are blocked, causing damage to the liver.

After tests at Yorkhill, he was sent to Leeds children’s hospital for major surgery to unblock and bypass the blocked ducts, in an attempt to prevent further liver damage.

"It was a devastating diagnosis, and difficult to accept that it was happening to us and our baby boy. The advice and information received was overwhelming, but essential to help us understand what was happening to Fraser."

alison, fraser's mum

fraser as a babyPlay In Hospital: Making Visits Less Scary

Routine blood tests, scans, hospital check-ups and stays quickly became a big part of his family's life.

Since the age of 5, Fraser has had annual endoscopes to check for any varices caused by his portal hypertension, which is related to his liver and enlarged spleen.

These procedures have been challenging for Fraser as he understands more about his condition especially in the lead up to his appointments. Mum Alison tells us how Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity has helped with this worry:

"Words cannot describe how invaluable the charity-funded Teddy Hospital and the wonderful play leaders have been in helping Fraser cope with the blood tests and endoscopes that he needs."

"Time is taken to understand why we are there, and then the procedure is explained in a play environment with Fraser being fully involved in the experience. The use of real equipment where appropriate is a great opportunity for Fraser to see and understand why procedures are carried out in a certain way."

fraser teddy hospitalSupporting Wee Scottish Livers

Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity is proud to support the Paediatric Liver team, who fundraise through the Charity's Wee Scottish Livers Fund. Through this fund, we are able to organise Family Days and Information Workshops for families like Fraser's:

"The Family Days funded by the Charity are great. Fraser loves meeting other children who have scars the same as him, or who have to go for the same procedures. It's nice for them to meet other children who have had similar experiences, and to have the chance to have fun together. 

"The days are vital for us as parents too. They give us the chance to get advice from parents in similar situations, and also for us to give hope to families who are at the start of their journey with liver disease."

An Extra Special Hospital Team

Fraser's family are incredibly grateful to the hospital team who care for not only Fraser, but them as parents too. 

"All members of the Liver team are outstanding. The organisation of clinics, including  outreach clinics at local hospitals demonstrates their drive to improve the service for all families. Their commitment to all liver families is exceptional, as well as attending charity organised family days, providing information and support in workshops, they are also available on the phone and on email if we have any queries."

Alison, fraser's Mum

fraser and family

The Virtual Kiltwalk

Fraser's family will be taking part in the Virtual Kiltwalk (11-13 September) to fundraise for the Wee Scottish Livers Fund with Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity. Fraser himself is getting geared up to do his challenge on his bike - cycling all the way round Strathclyde Park!

They want to give back for the help and support they have received over the last 7 years:

"The money raised will ensure that other families will receive the same support and help when they need it most. Family fun days, Christmas parties and workshops are all funded by the Charity, and are a great opportunity to meet and make friends who are experiencing similar highs and lows.

Fraser is very excited with the challenge of cycling round Strathclyde Park. We are also aware that although Fraser has a chronic illness, his involvement in the Virtual Kiltwalk will be a positive sign to other families who may be experiencing difficult times."

We'd like to wish a Fraser good luck for his big cycle round Strathclyde Park, and would like to share our heartfelt thanks with him, Alison, Andy and Isla for their tremendous support.