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Lap The Map Guide

Follow our step-by-step guide to join our Strava Club, and read our FAQs!

Joining our Club on Strava

Our Lap the Map challenge will use Strava to allow us to track the distance that you cover to help us reach our goal before Team Edinburgh.

  1. Download the free Strava App on your mobile, and sign-up for an account to create your profile.

    SKIP the option where you are offered a free trial. You do not need to sign up for a free or paid version of the App. You'll find 'SKIP' at the top right corner of your screen.
  2. Tap the 'Explore' navigation button at the bottom of your screen, and select the 'Clubs' tab.

    Search for 'Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity – Lap the Map 2021', and request to join the team, so that we can grant you exclusive access.

    club strava 2Please be aware that due to high volumes of participants, you may find that the Strava leaderboards and overall distance covered doesn’t update straight away. This should update within 4 hours of posting an activity so don’t worry - every step you walk and run will count!

Tracking your distances

So now you've joined our Lap the Map Club - welcome! Here are the steps to track the distances you have covered:

  1. To track your run or walk, you can use the Strava app on your phone. Alternatively, you can also use a GPS watch or computer that can sync with the Strava app (e.g. Fitbit, Garmin etc.).
    Click on the ‘Feed’ tab on the App and select the most appropriate option for you.
    explore strava 2
  2. Once you have completed a run or walk, and you have saved your activity on Strava, you will receive a notification. Now this is the really important part:

    When you open the details of this activity, please ensure your 'Sport' is set to RUN even if you are doing a walk!

    edit strava 2
    This is because our Lap the Map Club on Strava can only track activity marked as a Run. If you don't follow this step, your hard earned miles won't be trackable by our team!

For anyone new to Strava, a member of our team would be happy to talk you through these steps so don't hestitate to get in touch with us for support. 



All participants registered to take part in Lap the Map are asked to read and adhere to the following terms and conditions of entry.

  • By registering for this event, you are confirming that you:
    • Wish to enter the Lap the Map Challenge for Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity;
    • are medically fit to take part;
    • you will follow Covid-19 Government health and safety guidelines issued when taking part;
    • will not hold the organisers responsible for any injury or loss to your property or person however caused, before, during or after the event. 
  • Children of 16 years and under may participate but only with consent and supervision of a parent/guardian.

Can I take part and not fundraise?

Lap The Map is a fundraising challenge to ensure that Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity is able to continue supporting young patients in hospital.

With the global pandemic resulting in all of the charity's fundraising events being cancelled or postponed, it is now more crucial than ever for funds to be raised to ensure that our vital support projects and services can continue.

We therefore ask that when you join Team Glasgow, that you commit to setting up a JustGiving page and try your best to gather sponsorship from friends, family or colleagues.

Is there a minimum fundraising target?

There is no minimum fundraising target, we just ask participants to try and raise as much as they can. Here are some of the ways that your fundraising could make a difference to Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity:

  • £100 – could help to stock multiple Play Rooms in hospital wards and clinics
  • £250 – could fund 15 hours of Bereavement Support to families during their darkest days
  • £500 – could help 50 families access financial support via our Financial Inclusion project worth £330, to help them during a long-term hospital stay

Do I have to download Strava to take part?

Yes, this allows us to formally track the distance covered by each participant to ensure that our champions are crowned fairly!

Not familiar with Strava? The guide above takes you through the steps of creating an account and joining our GCHC Lap the Map team. Still unsure? Contact our team:
0141 212 8750

I’m not a runner, can I still take part?

Yes, however to ensure that your sponsored walks are tracked, you must download the Strava App and join the GCHC Lap the Map group. 

Please ensure you follow the steps above to track your walk as a Run on Strava. This is the only way we can track your distances.

Can I cycle to Lap The Map?

To keep the competition fair between Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity and Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity participants, you are only permitted to run or walk the distances you are tracking. If you’re interested in doing a cycle challenge for us, then please get in touch.

What Charity does my fundraising support?

You have chosen to fundraise for Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity - thank you!

Please ensure you choose Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity on JustGiving >

Can I split my fundraising between glasgow children's hospital charity and edinburgh children's hospital charity?

This is possible, but relies on you setting up a JustGiving page for one charity, and notifying them that you’d like your fundraising split with the other charity.