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Gift Aid FAQs

What is Gift Aid?

When you make a donation to Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, we are able
to claim back the tax that you have paid on your donation(s). This mechanism is
called Gift Aid and amounts to an extra 25p for every £1 that you give.

How does Gift Aid work?

If you give £10 to Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity and you are a basic rate
taxpayer (20%), you will have paid £2.50 in tax on the gross donation (to take home
£10, you will have earned £12.50 before tax). Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity is
therefore able to reclaim this £2.50 back from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs
(HMRC), at no additional cost to you.

Who is eligible?

Gift Aid can be applied to any UK, EU, Norwegian or Icelandic charity that is
registered with HMRC. You must be a UK taxpayer for your donation to qualify for
Gift Aid. This can either be Income or Capital Gains Tax, but you must have paid
enough in the tax year that you make the donation to at least cover the amount
that the charity will claim (25p per £1).

What do I have to do?

It’s simple! All you need to do is inform us that you are a UK taxpayer and you would
like Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity to reclaim the tax on your donation(s).
You can do this by making a Gift Aid declaration such as this online form.

What about higher rate taxpayers?

If you pay a higher rate of income tax, either at 40% or 50%, you can claim the
difference between the basic rate of tax reclaimed by the charity and your highest
rate. This can be done via your self-assessment tax return. For more information,
please contact Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity directly on 0141 212 8750

My donations no longer qualify for Gift Aid

If your donations no longer qualify for Gift Aid, please get in touch to inform us so
that we can update your records accordingly, ensuring that we do not try to claim
Gift Aid on any future donations.