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Funded Research Projects

Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity is proud to have funded an extensive list of research projects which aim to imrove children's health in Scotland.

Clinical Research Training Fellowships

Sharon Mackin (NHSGGC QEUH) - Diabetes, glucose lowering and pre-eclampsia prevention: the role of vascular function.  (Aug 17-Aug 19)

Gabriella Gazdagh (NHSGGC Genetics) - Novel Genetic Associations and Range of Phenotypes in Children with Disorders of Sex Development (DSD) and Neurodevelopment Disorders – Insights from the Deciphering Developmental Disorders (DDD) Study (Aug 16-Apr 19)

Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity PhD Studentships

Ryan Stewart (University of Strathclyde) – Obesity and dental caries in childhood: a common risk factor approach to reducing sugar consumption through the Childsmile programme. (Oct 18-Sept 21)

Lewis Steell (University of Glasgow) - Jumping Based Exercise Intervention To Improve Muscle And Bone Mass In Childhood Onset Crohn’s Disease (Oct 17-Sept 20)

Natasha Walker (University of Aberdeen) - Maternal smoking, drinking and deprivation: when and how of placental damage (Oct-16-Sept 19)

Project Support Grants

Marieke Pingen (University of Glasgow) - Enhancing innate anti-viral immunity in the nervous system: a generalized strategy to treat viral encephalitis. (Apr 19- Dec 19)

David Tappin (University of Glasgow) - Does Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin and Self-Reported Alcohol Use in early pregnancy predict developmental problems in childhood? The Obstetric Alcohol Research Phase II Prevalence Study (Dec 18-May 19)

Sinéad Currie (University of Stirling) - Co-production of an intervention promoting preconception health and reducing childhood obesity in deprived areas of Scotland(Jan 19-Dec 21)

Holger Unger (Victoria Hospital, Kirkaldy) - Holistic counselling and decision-making regarding mode of delivery for singleton breech babies in spontaneous preterm labour – building evidence from a large-scale Scottish retrospective birth cohort study. (Feb 19-Sept 20)

Joanna Inchley (St Andrews University) - Investigating the relationship between greenspace and health in Scottish schoolchildren. The Greenspace Availability and Scottish Schoolchildren (GRASS) project. (Jun 18-May 19)

Richard Russell (NHSGGC RHC) - An in depth contemporary exploration of the bacterial and fungal microbiome of paediatric Crohn’s disease patients from the prospective international multifaceted IMAGE KIDS project (Jan 18-Jun 19)

Gaetano Di Caterina (University of Strathclyde) - Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis:  Towards improved clinical diagnosis through signal processing analysis of voice recordings (Jan 18-Sept 18) 

Christina Halsey (University of Glasgow) - Deciphering neurotoxicity during ALL therapy using a deep phenotyping-genotyping approach. (Feb 17-Jan 20)

Helen McDevitt (NHSGGC Neonatology) - Investigation Of The Incidence, Demographics And Nutritional Profile Of Childhood Vitamin D Deficiency In Greater Glasgow And Clyde (Jun 17-Dec 19)

John Williamson (University of Glasgow) - A Signal Processing Approach to Diagnosis of Paediatric Sleep Apnoea (Oct 16-Sept 19)

Helen Minnis (University of Glasgow) - Children's social behaviour in a clinic waiting room (Sept 16-Aug 19)

Jared Wong (University of Glasgow) - A pilot study of bone microarchitecture and marrow adiposity in adolescents with Crohn's disease (Jul 16-Jun 19)

Small Project Grants 

Innes Smith (University of Glasgow) - Whole blood transcriptomic analysis in children presenting with acute monoarthritis: identification of biomarkers unique to septic arthritis. Jan 18-Dec 20)

PhD Studentships

Maira Bouga (University of Glasgow) - Tackling iodine insufficiency in pregnancy. Designing and testing dietary guidance for improved maternal and neonatal iodine status and thyroid function, with patients/users involvement (Oct 14-Sept 17)

Clare Martha Clark (University of Glasgow) - "Gut Microbiota Taxonomy and Metabolism in Paediatric Crohn’s Disease during Exclusive and Supplementary Enteral Nutrition using OMICS Technologies. Associations with Response to Treatment and Prediction of Relapse" (Nov 13-Oct 16)


Laura Lucaccioni  (University Hospital “Policlinico di Modena” (IT)) - Prospective Study to evaluate the use of Urinary Gonadotrophins in the assessment and management of precocious puberty. (Jul-Aug 17)

Konstantinos Gerasimidis (University of Glasgow) - Micronutrient deficiencies in children and infants with congenital heart diseases (CHD) admitted for corrective surgery. A proof-of-concept study. (Sept 14-Dec 16)

Robert Mairs (University of Glasgow) - Pre-clinical evaluation of PARP-1 inhibitors in combination with the radiopharmaceutical 131I-MIBG for the treatment of neuroblastoma. (Apr-Dec 16)

Xiangyang Ju (NHSGGC Clinical Physics) - Software Development for analysing residual deformities following the surgical repair of unilateral cleft lip & palate (UCLP) (Jun 14-Nov 16)

Emilie Combet Aspray (University of Glasgow) - Iodine status and thyroid function in neonates - addressing a gap in the evidence base for iodine insufficiency in the UK (Apr 14-May 16)

Karen Keeshan (University of Glasgow) - The importance of stem cell ontogeny in paediatric and adult acute myeloid leukaemia (May 14-Apr 16)

Andrew Roe (University of Glasgow) - Evaluation of Shiga toxin inhibitors to prevent development of kidney disease in children (Jul 15-Jan 16)

Xinhua Shu (Caledonian University) - Developing potential drugs for the treatment of Leber’s congenital amaurosis (Jul 15-Jun 16)

Jennifer Mitchell (NHSGGC Princess Royal Maternity Hospital) - Childhood social outcomes of children born in Glasgow to opioid-dependent mothers in 2004-2006 (Jun 15-May 16)

Alison Kirk (University of Strathclyde) - Development and feasibility testing of an intervention to support active lifestyles in youth with Type 1 diabetes. The ActivPals programme. (Sept 15-Aug 16)