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Celebrate your volunteering milestones

Volunteer - cheer squad

Every single hour given makes a vital difference for our young patients. Whether you're a Play Maker in the hospital or out in the community drumming up support with a collection bucket, every hour counts and we believe milestones should be celebrated. 

Here's how you can help us keep track of your hours: 

Hospital Volunteers: 

Please continue to sign in as normal in the Volunteer Lounge and we can continue to track your hours every time you're in, there is no need to use the My Impact app as this is just for those volunteering outwith the hospital. 

Fundraising Volunteers (working outside the hospital environment):

While hospital volunteers can continue to track their hours as normal, we're encouraging everyone volunteering outwith the hospital to use a new app to log volunteering hours. 

How do I access it? 

What are my login details? 

Login details and instructions on how to use the programme were recently sent by email from our volunteer team but please speak to a member of the team if you require a note of these details again. 

Looking for more information? Get in touch 

0141 212 8750