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Art Therapy at Skye House

art therapy painting

Our weekly art therapy sessions at Skye House help the physical and emotional wellbeing of young people with severe mental health conditions.

Skye House is a specialist unit at Stobhill for young people with serious mental health conditions. We are proud to work in partnership with the Teapot Trust to provide this important project, enhancing the care and hospital experience for young people at Skye House.

As part of our comprehensive, charity-funded Play and Events programme, we have invested in technology and activities that support the mental wellbeing of young patients staying in hospital. Our weekly art therapy classes have become very popular with young people at Skye House as they offer a creative outlet and help to reduce stress. 

art therapy

"I found this experience highly enjoyable, exciting, and helpful to just distract myself from whatever is going on in my head"

Young Person, skye house

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