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Childhood Cancer Day: Georgie's Story

15 February 2024 Georgie cheque

Two months ago, 15 year old Georgie's world was turned upside down when she was diagnosed with cancer. This Childhood Cancer Day, hear from Georgie's Dad, Paul, about their family's journey and incredible fundraising efforts.

Georgie's Journey

'We attended A&E on 27th September 2023 when Georgie had severe pain on her lower right leg.'

'It was initially thought she had a stress fracture on her tibia and she was given crutches to use.'

'After 5 weeks there had been no improvement and and MRI scan was scheduled. The results of the MRI showed there was abnormal tissue in her calf. The following day, we were referred to the Royal Hospital for Children,'

'A biopsy on the abnormal tissue was scheduled for November.' 

'On the 7th December, the results from the biopsy came back and Georgie was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma.'

Ewings Sarcoma is a cancer of the bone that usually affects children and young adults.

'Georgie had a central line fitted on the 11th December and chemo commenced on 13th December. We have just completed round five of chemo on the 9th February 2024.'

Raising awareness

'Georgie has been very keen since we received the news of abnormal tissue being present to help raise awareness for children and anyone else going through similar experiences.'

'On the day of her biopsy she agreed straight away to donate tissue samples for research purposes. She was very insistent on doing this.'


'Since diagnosis she has become even more determined to share her story to raise awareness.'


'It is important to Georgie and our family to raise awareness as no one will ever really understand what it is like for a child/teenager to be diagnosed with cancer.'

'You can have sympathy for people going through these circumstances however you really can’t understand the magnitude of the situation until you are living through it yourself.'


georgie'Georgie, her sister Megan, Lynn and I are keen to let people know how difficult it is to go through and how the support from the staff and doctors at RHC and the charities we have been supported by so far have helped us through the most difficult period of our lives.'

Charity support

'The support from Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity and other organisations has been absolutely amazing. We really don’t know how we would have got through the journey so far without them.'

'The Teenage Unit on the Schiehallion Ward has been amazing and the support provided in particular by Ronan has been superb.'

'The facilities that they provide within the ward have made truly challenging stays in hospital more bearable for not only georgie but also her family.'

'The play team and music team have been great also when we have been in the ward and have been so helpful in keeping Georgie’s spirits up during her stays.'

'Finally, all the nurses and staff in the Schiehallion Day Care and Ward 2A are truly wonderful.'

'They are amazing with Georgie and have kept her spirits so high throughout the journey so far and without them we don’t really know how we would have got through it.'


'The support we have received from the children's hospital has been exceptional and Georgie wanted to give back in any way she could and began to come up with ideas for fundraising, the first being shaving her hair when the time came.'

'She talked me into shaving my hair along with her, and also convinced many of our friends and colleagues to do the same.'

georgie shave

'Georgie's desire to help others also persuaded her mum to shave her hair and we all did so in the Royal Hospital for Children on Hogmany!'

paul, georgie's dad

'Georgie wanted to be able to do something to show them how much they are appreciated and we are delighted to be able to give something back.'

'The support we have been received from friends and family has been overwhelming. We set a target of £5,000 which Georgie smashed within 24 hours and we are delighted to be able to donate £10,000 to Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity, specifically the Teenage Unit and Schiehallion wards.'

'We have also provided £5,000 to Marion’s House who have been a wonderful support throughout our visits to hospital.'

Georgie cheque

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