Pull-Down Beds

Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity has funded 152  full sized pull-down beds at the Royal Hospital for Children, ensuring that parents and carers can remain close to their child during their hospital stay. 

Children’s hospitals are very different from adult hospitals, with many parents sharing the practical the care of their child with medical staff, as well as being the child's primary source of strength and support. 

In a children's hospital, it is important for parents and carers to be able to stay close to their child in order to comfort, console and entertain them throughout their stay. 

For some parents this is an overnight stay but for others it could be much longer, over a period of months or even years. 

The importance of having a comfortable bed with storage for carers cannot be underestimated due to the long periods of time spent by some on wards. 

“You’re no use to your child if you haven’t had a good nights sleep” - Mother of patient with complex needs

We are proud to have funded 152 pull-down beds for parents and carers at the hospital, so that they have a full sized, comfortable adult bed to sleep on with safe and secure storage. By enhancing hospital stays with projects like this, we can continue to ensure that our young patients and their families have the best possible experience. 

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