Neonatal Equipment

Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity funded £510,000 of neonatal equipment for the Royal Hospital for Children to help care for Scotland's tiniest and sickest babies. 

The state-of-the-art medical equipment funded through the charity's 2014 Christmas Appeal helps to treat the tinist and most vulnerable premature babies during their first precious hours of life. 

Dr Jonathan Coutts, a Consultant Neonatologist at the Royal Hospital for Children explains the difference the equipment makes to babies from across the country. 

"We do tend to see children being transferred to our hospital from all over Scotland to access the specialist paediatric services that we have"

"The difference that the new equipment, particularly the neonatal monitors and the ventilators make is considerable as there have been huge advances in the technology that we are able to use to deliver care to our babies. 

"The babies are very fragile. They're very small premature babies who sometimes have very complicated needs, and having the newer types of ventilators compared to the older fashioned ventilators that we've been using for many years are a great advantage to us. 

"They deliver much safer and much more effective ways of keeping these babies alive who have breathing problems. 

"The monitors themselves are very useful because all these babies, who are very sick, need very intensive monitoring to ensure that we are continuing to deliver what they need from minute to minute. 

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