Making Scans Less Scary

Going to the hospital for an x-ray or ultrasound scan can be a frightening and daunting prospect for children and young people.

To help reduce feelings of worry and anxiety surrounding these procedures, we have funded a series of films with 'What? Why? Children in Hospital' to help young patients prepare for their appointments.  

The films help patients understand what going for a scan or x-ray at our children’s hospital involves, allowing them to familiarise themselves with the surroundings, people and equipment they'll encounter. 

Going for an X-Ray

What happens when my child has an X-ray?


The helpful films also help to answer questions children may have about what happens during the procedures, if their parents are able to stay close by and if the x-ray or scan will cause any discomfort.

As well as supporting patients, the films also give parents and carers helpful examples of how they can prepare their children at home ahead of their hospital visit.

Going for an Ultrasound scan

What happens when my child has an Ultrasound?


Our vision is to ensure that our young patients and their families have the best possible care and experience at the Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow. 

By helping our young patients prepare as much as possible, we hope that this will reduce any apprehension they may have surrounding their hospital visit, resulting in more successful clinical outcomes and a more positive hospital experience for both patients and their families.

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