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Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity has funded the development  of HospiChill - an app designed for children and young people to help reduce anxiety surrounding their hospital visit. 

The app, which is the first of its kind designed specifically to prepare children for hospital visits, focuses on the strategies of relaxation, distraction, choice and preparation.

These strategies help children and young people cope with hospital based anxiety, reducing any worries or distress related to a hospital appointment.

The app is interactive, including audio and animation to help bring the relaxation techniques to life. It has built-in prompts to remind children and young people when best to use their coping strategies, and rewards patients for using the app with the chance to earn badges. 

HospiChill was designed by Dr Janie Donnan, Consultant Clinical Psychologist at the children's hospital and also the Programme Director for Paediatric Psychology at NHS Education for Scotland.

"I am delighted that the app is now available. My hope was to create something that would make evidence based psychological strategies for reducing anxiety widely and easily accessible to young people, helping them feel more confident and prepared about coming into hospital. I hope children and teenagers will find the HospiChill a really useful resource". - Dr Janie Donnan

HospiChill has been built on the success of the Hospital Passport Coping Kit which was rolled out across Scotland in 2013 following funding from Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity.

While the Hospital Passport had very successful outcomes for children under 12 coping with hospital anxiety, HospiChill has been developed as a digital resource to appeal to older children and teenagers.



You can now download HospiChill  for iOs devices from the App Store

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