Wednesday 8th June 2016

Meet Our Volunteers - Lydia Brownlee

More than 200 volunteers dedicated more than 10,000 hours of their time to support Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity last year. Their help is vital to the impact of the Charity at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow, and we are incredibly grateful for the support that they provide.

One of our volunteers is Lydia Brownlee, who has volunteered since 2015 in the Hospital Education Service - just one of the many volunteering roles available with the Charity.

Lydia is pictured above with 11 year old Joshua from Glasgow, who is a patient on the neurology ward and recently had brain surgery to remove recurring abscesses on his brain. This year Joshua will make the big step to Secondary School. Hospital Education volunteers like Lydia help to make sure that patients like Joshua still have access to educational activities and resources while in hospital.

Why Lydia volunteers with Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity


Lydia says, “Joining Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity as a Hospital Education Service Volunteer is the first volunteering I have been involved in since I was a teenager. More recently, as an artist, I ran workshops in schools on arts and crafts and decided that I would like to pursue a career in Primary Teaching. I wanted to get some experience of working with children in different contexts and my sister, who is a nurse in a hospital in England, suggested that I apply to volunteer at The Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow.

“Volunteering in the Hospital Education Service is so varied and no two weeks are the same. As my background is in art, I work with the children on creative but educational activities. It is really rewarding doing something that often totally absorbs the children and takes their mind off things. When you chat to the children they often mention that they miss being at school and I think it’s really important that they can keep that connection with their education. 

“I am very well supported by the teaching staff within the Hospital Education Service and have the wonderful experience of 1:1 education in such a unique setting. It’s really good to do something that you feel makes a difference to a child and their families."

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