Wednesday 13th September 2017

Abigail's Wrapped Up Robin

10 years ago, Abigail Hall had a heart transplant. Now 12, she is fighting cancer, and has designed a very special Christmas card to help raise money for our Schiehallion Appeal. Read Abigail's story as told by Mum Gillian, and help to support brave young patients like Abigail this Christmas.

This December will mark 10 years since our daughter Abigail’s very own Christmas miracle – when she received a new heart, on a dark and stormy night shortly before her third birthday. Abigail needed the lifesaving transplant because she was born with half a heart - a condition known as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.

The transplant was the first ever to be successfully carried out in a child with Abigail’s condition, and she appeared in newspapers around the world!

It was the best birthday and Christmas present we could have possibly wished for, but this was just the start of Abigail’s life in hospital.


For years, Abigail’s progress was fantastic and she didn’t look back. Unfortunately, some years later Abigail developed Chronic Kidney Disease, and we started to spend more time in the renal unit at the hospital.

Then, quite suddenly last year, Abigail was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma – a form of cancer.


Despite all this, Abigail has always shown tremendous courage and determination to fight whatever has been thrown at her, never more so than in the last eighteen months when her good spirits and fighting attitude have helped us all to cope. She is an inspiration to all who meet her.

Abigail is delighted that her drawing has been made into a Christmas card. She said:

“Just like my robin is all wrapped up for winter, Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity has Christmas all wrapped up for children in hospital.

"They put on lots of fun activities, bring in special visitors and decorate the hospital to make it magical. They also raise lots of money to buy specialist equipment for the different departments.

"My friends don’t understand how I can miss being at school, but I really do. I miss doing normal things, and these activities really help to make my time in hospital a lot more fun. ”


How You Can Help 

The Schiehallion Appeal is raising money to develop and expand the clinical trials centre in the Schiehallion ward. This means that more children, like Abigail, can receive life-saving drugs closer to home. These children have gone through so much, without the added burden and anxiety of having to move away from family and friends often for many months.

This Christmas, please consider purchasing Abigail’s Wrapped Up Robin card, along with other Christmas cards and gifts from our online shop. When you do so, you will be helping us care for very sick children in Scotland.

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