Frequently Asked Questions

Why has the charity changed its name?

Following the move of the children’s hospital from Yorkhill last year to the new Royal Hospital for Children, there was a lot of confusion as to who we were raising money for. This problem continued when the hospital at Yorkhill re-opened as a facility for adults late last year.

It’s really important that it’s clear to people who we are, and what hospital we support, which is why we’ve changed our name. We are delighted to remain at the heart of the Royal Hospital for Children, and will continue doing all that we can to ensure that our young patients receive the best possible care.

Why have you included “Glasgow” in your new name?

It’s important for the charity to be clearly and closely linked to the hospital that we support. 

The hospital is based in Glasgow, and much like Great Ormond Street Hospital or Birmingham Children’s Hospital, including the location in our name helps to create a strong link of association. It also helps to differentiate us from other children’s hospitals in Aberdeen and Edinburgh.  

We will continue to support children and their families from throughout Scotland who are treated at The Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow. 

What happens to donations now?

We will continue to fund enhanced medical equipment, pioneering research, innovative play programmes and family support services at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow. Children from across Scotland and beyond are treated at the hospital – find out more about the difference that your donation will make here.

Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity always strives to ensure that it respects the wishes of each donor.   When donating towards one of our national fundraising appeals, should the fundraising target be exceeded, all additional funds will be used to support our general work to provide the best care and experience to all children and young people treated at the Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow and its associated services. 

How will this affect me?

While our name has changed, everything else remains the same. 160,000 boys and girls are treated at the hospital every year, and they still need our help. Our small but dedicated team is still here to support your fundraising, and we hope that your support for our young patients will be as strong as ever.

I have Yorkhill Children’s Charity branded materials. What do I do?

Please call us on 0141 212 8750 and we’ll send you up to date materials to help you with your fundraising.



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